Uploaded on Aug 22, 2011
Artist: Shooter Jennings
Song: "Outlaw You"
Directed by Blake Judd

Many country artists have music hits that either before their time or said to be "on another occasion."  In absolute reverence to Shooters legendary father Waylon, neither apply. The young Jennings has music that is at this time, becoming more accepted by country music fans who flanked off to disco dicks who had assembled thinking the next cool thing in country music was styling hair gel which hardened as quick grannies hair spray on a summer morning. 

The music collective, as it has become mirrored in the image of the cranky Boss Hogg type; grumpy, rich, cigar smoking, southern far from gentlemen folk, may be a picture music row depicts more today than at any other time. Face it the lawmakers wanted to pass a law making a fictional book the "Official State Book", then it created a list of proposed legislation which promotes hate crimes against a segment of its citizens who have not provoked violence on anyone. Without public comment, debate or floor discussion a voice vote was taken and immediately the bill was noted as being passed, then signed into law.

The same lawmakers passed a law prohibiting transgender individuals from accessing restrooms they have been using going back to when the first pubic toilets became available. How this came about is not because of a criminal complaint. Nor because of a crime involving a transgender person in a public restroom. Instead, it happened because they wanted to be recognized legally, so doing so would not cause them criminal and scandalous charges with politically motivated district or parish attorneys for votes during elections years. 

From drug store cowboys, to 'good ole country boy's' who never lifted a bale of hay much less hauled a truck load of it are making an image of the Opry that makes Joan Collins and Liberace holy as hell. The acts coming out of Nashville suggests it even possible that Liberace and Collins may have been romantically involved  if we are to consider what is sliding across the Opry stage today in the name of country music's guys and gals!

Jennings like his father is an outlaw. He refuses to saddle up with the sheriff and ride through town so all the nice people will wave back and admire him. Shooter isn't concerned about selling hits/cd's/mp3's/records. Having followed the young Jennings and communicating with him for the last ten years, I see he so much more than a person looking to see his name up in lights. His first concern in life as I have come to understand is, he is about not selling out to the assholes along 16th Avenue, Broadway or even get down low at Tootsies.  They don't give Academy of Country Music Awards for people with Class. The Singer and Best Performer of the Year can in no way have those values present to achieve success.

Shooter is fighting his fight. He won't, however, let those with a louder voice get walked over. He's not worried about a marble statute getting lost for his stance on doing what is right. Often when posting information about a new song, concert date/venue or opening act, if it might contain artists the homophobes will start tearing down. Shooter will be the first to say, "if you don't like what I've got scheduled, or the upcoming appearance with so and so, then don't come just do us both a favor and don't waste space here by being an asshole." 

I have found myself not in total agreement with Shooter on a few subjects. But I knew I could trust his views and that he wasn't saying what I wanted to hear, to save hurting my feelings. 

Now if it isn't too much trouble begin your study on Shooter, you may if you can keep your head out of your ass discover that Waylon laid down a bit of teaching that is far better than those pissers who are way too old to be having tea parties. Plus for these so called country music awards shows producers, sponsors, and executives. Before there is any country music in these television shows, you are going to have to find some country music singers who are true to their art and not willing to get all dolled up. Because no matter how dressed up or dressed down, hair fixed up or shagged down, if they can't sing, regardless of what they look like they are going to sound like shit.